What You Give, You Get

I was observing a couple on a flight recently… The wife took her window seat and I watched the husband board the plane shortly after her, showing a lot of frustration.

He approached the man in the aisle seat, with no explanation that the woman in the window seat next to him was his wife, and agressively asked “Will you swap aisle for aisle?” pointing to the husband’s allocated aisle seat two rows back.

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Rolls Royce

WPT Alpha8: Rollin’ a Rolls

We like to sample to high life on WPT Alpha8, so while in London we took of to the beautiful English countryside to the Rolls-Royce headquarters.

I actually didn’t expect to be given the keys all to myself to spin around the tiny English country roads! Having the responsibility of a car worth over a quarter million dollars put a little pressure on, but boy was this fun….

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