I’ve Become One of “Those People”

You know, the ones who have all those requests at restaurants, who don’t always order off the menu or remove all the fun stuff and they’re just left with a “bland” meal?

I used to hear this and would think to myself, “What a pain in the ass!” “Just live a little!” “Spoil yourself!” or even the popular favourite, “I’d rather be fat and happy” thinking it was all based on vanity — and for some it is — but now I can see that for most, they simply give a shit about this vehicle that drives them through life.

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What You Give, You Get

I was observing a couple on a flight recently… The wife took her window seat and I watched the husband board the plane shortly after her, showing a lot of frustration.

He approached the man in the aisle seat, with no explanation that the woman in the window seat next to him was his wife, and agressively asked “Will you swap aisle for aisle?” pointing to the husband’s allocated aisle seat two rows back.

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