A Special Ritual of Gratitude


One of the most valuable things in life is to have a supportive circle of friends.

Good Friends Are Like Stars

I’m so blessed to have a beautiful group of girls who I’ve been able to rely on for over 10 years. Whether it’s turning to them with a bottle of champagne, with a box of tissues, or most-commonly for a good belly laugh, we are always there for each other when in need.

While we get together as a group regularly throughout the year, each December we put on an extra special girls-only Christmas lunch.

We spend the whole day drinking punch, sharing delicious plates of homemade goodies, and swapping gifts — Dirty Santa style (a fun version of Secret Santa where you can steal someones gift instead of opening a new one).

We even had Santa pay a special visit back in 2010:


Who got a little sexier in 2012:


A beautiful ritual we’ve incorporated into our day is to go around the table and each recall our achievements and things to be thankful for from that year. One person takes down notes, and then at the following year’s lunch we read them out, reminiscing on those of the previous year as we celebrate even more from the year just passed – always amazed by how much we grown in such a short time.

Best Friends

Too often we take things for granted and never look back to think “Hey, I did that, and it was awesome.” Doing this together as a group not only helps you realise all that you have done for yourself, but it’s such a great inspiration to be surrounded by other driven, passionate individuals celebrating their own life events. It helps you solidify ideas for the year ahead, give thanks for the year past, and be a rock of support to those around you.

So, as we move into the last month of the year, I urge you to get your group of besties together for your own inaugural day of annual celebration.

LG x


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  1. That’s gorgeous. My mum and two sisters used to do that – not at Christmas but on a day during the year. We would write down the great things that had happened to us. Moving back to Nz next year – will be able to start the tradition again :) XO

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