Three WSOP Survival Tips


I was stoked to supply my top three tips for the Las Vegas Survival Guide in GPI’s 2014 WSOP program, alongside some of the best in the poker biz.

Naturally, my tips are about taking care of yourself…

You can spend all the hours you like on poker strategy training, but if you’re not giving your brain the nutrients it needs you’re not going to perform your best at the table.

These tips are pretty straightforward because that’s what wellbeing is all about — keeping it simple and going back to the basics rather than the medicine cabinet.

1) Eat whole foods. Replace packaged foods with as many whole foods as possible. If it took a lab to make it, it likely takes a lab to digest it. The more whole foods you eat means the more nutrients your body receives, which means more energy and mental clarity.

2) Get outside daily. It’s hard to be outdoors in Las Vegas during the summer because of the heat, but suck it up for at least 20 minutes per day — we need fresh air. Oxygen is used, in combination with nutrients from our food, for every function in our body. Having a “foggy head” could very well be connected to the recycled, air-conditioned fog you’re breathing through that head, so get outdoors as much as possible for clear air and a clear mind.

3) Drink water. Our bodies are mostly made up of water, and when we aren’t replenishing this water we suffer all kinds of problems. If you want your brain to operate at its sharpest, don’t dehydrate it! If you experience a headache, reach for a glass of water instead of an Advil. It’s usually just your body telling you it needs more hydration.

For more Las Vegas survival tips from players such as Faraz Jaka, ElkY, Mike Sexton, Matt Salsberg and Matt Glantz, download the program here.

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  1. Sad to see you and Kristy Arnett not hosting poker news anymore. Great to see you on the big screen on WPT though.

    I recently got back in the game and feel that your nutrition suggestions and along Kristy’s workout routines will give me the most healthful return to playing poker again!



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