A Little Bit About Me…

Hey there!

I was born in Ireland, grew up in Australia, and am now based between Melbourne, Los Angeles and Mexico City as I continue to stack up my passport stamp collection.

I play around with a few different hats… Some of my favourites include anchor of the World Poker Tour, actorhealth coach, Jooce Bar founder, poker playerpermaculture student, Wildlife Warrior and full-time world wanderer.

For many years I’ve been on a journey — a literal one bouncing around continents, and an internal one, realizing the importance of the thoughts I think, the food I eat, and the movements I make. This is why I write about three main topics on my blog, which make up the main principles to living a healthy and happy life…

Be Well. Take care of your body and your mind holistically. Respect this vehicle within which we live.

Travel Often. The best education you can give yourself.

Life’s Good. It’s all in the belief. Life is what we make of it. 

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