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Pretty Broad Podcast: A WTF Experience with Amir Zoghi

Amir Zoghi is an international thought leader in the area of self awareness and human potential, on a mission to transform the world by expanding people’s consciousness. He is a natural intuitive, sharing wisdom through writing, teaching, and speaking on stages across the globe. He is a master of channelling a message that is deep and profound, delivering it with absolute simplicity and clarity for anyone to relate with.

Amir Zoghi

Have you ever wondered what the truth behind your goals are? What is it that you’re really chasing? Amir shares his message on this episode of Pretty Broad, and I guarantee it will leave you thinking, “WTF?!”


To watch the free recordings of The WTF?! Experience, his new actuality series Journey of the Intuitive Warrior, and much more, head over to amirzoghi.com.

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