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The Largest Blessings

On the 7th of May, 2013, a gorgeous baby girl known as Avery Edwards entered the world. Weighing just 7lbs, this tiny little new life has begun her own giant journey; and how lucky she is to be led on her journey by two beautiful parents.


Avery’s mother, Allison Newton, has been one of my closest friends since we were fresh out of high school. We crossed paths at the occasional promo gig, strutting around sporting events scantily clad…

Our friendship really began in 2004, when I told her I wanted to go to the Nickleback concert.

She thought “why not?!”

So off we went, hardly knowing each other, with no idea that it would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We’ve been through a lot – multiple break ups from relationships that we each learned many lessons, the blossoming of our marketing careers, and enjoyed our “party phase” together throughout our early ’20s, religiously spending every weekend tearing up a dance floor of Melbourne.


She managed to grow out of that phase long before I did, proudly turning into “Nana Newts” – the one who was comfortable within herself to know when to call it a night “early” (that was, before sunrise). She was the one we would call at any hour of the morning and she’d happily pick us up, or the shoulder we could cry on with no judgement; and she’s a hopeless romantic – a passionate believer in true love. She has this beautiful ability to accept people for who they are. She’s refreshingly laid back, enjoying life for what it is. She doesn’t waste her energy sweating the small stuff – something that we all need to master.


Allison fell head over heels in love with her now fiancé, Jarrod, five years ago. I’ve loved watching them grow together, move in together, build their cosy little family of Aussie Bulldogs (one of which I’m a proud godmother!), get engaged, plan their beautiful wedding that’s to come this October, and now, bring in their own little formation of life that they have created together, Avery Edwards.

Avery Edwards

I went to Allison and Jarrod’s house last night to meet Avery for the first time. When I walked in, Ally was sitting on the couch holding this tiny little baby – it was surreal. She looked so comfortable, so happy, so content. And all her innate motherly qualities had just kicked right in. Throughout her entire pregnancy she has had an extreme sense of peace – even more than usual. All of our girlfriends couldn’t help but notice. Nothing seemed to bother her (except by month 8.5 all the baby questions were understandably driving her a little bonkers), and she was just happily cooking up this bub in her belly as if she now had everything in the world that she needed. And she does.

Watching Jarrod and Allison excitedly share the story about the birth, swapping their versions of what had happened with so much pride, was one of the most loving moments I’ve ever witnessed. They were both beaming. Their lives have just taken the most significant turn — they now have this beautiful little girl to love, nurture, guide and enjoy.

I’m so proud of you Ally.

Love, LG xxx

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    May 11, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    What a gorgeous post Lynn … For some reason it just really made me smile 🙂 … X

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      Lynn Gilmartin
      May 11, 2013 at 10:02 pm

      And that has made me smile 🙂 thank you so much lovely xxxx

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