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I’m Coco-nuts

Lately, Angel and I have been buying baby coconuts and cracking them open at home. I had never got into this (until now) because it seemed way too hard and messy. Plus, why bother with that when buying the bottled stuff is so much more convenient?

Well, unless said bottled coconut water is labelled “raw” and kept in the fridge, it’s pretty much nutritionally dead after the heat processing it went through for preserving — and often tastes nowhere near as good as the real thing.

Once you get the hang of opening your own fresh coconut after one or two attempts following a handy YouTube demo, you’ll realise it’s actually EASY and insanely delicious. Plus, there’s something rewarding about opening it up yourself.

No other drink beats the taste of fresh, chilled coconut water straight out of its shell. Nothing!

And it keeps getting better… Once I’ve drunk the water, I take the empty shell with my spoon and scrape off the flesh inside, indulging in my kind of “other white meat”.

Or, I save the flesh in the fridge to use in a smoothie later on or the next morning. I’ll be sure to update my Be Well Smoothies ebook with some new coconut-meat concoctions I throw together in coming weeks! For now, any of my recipes that use coconut water can easily have some coconut flesh added as well for an extra kick of the tropics.

Coconuts in Kuranda

So besides the taste whisking me away to a mental tropical paradise, why go to this effort?

Coconut water is an exceptional hydrator. Forget about sports drinks which are loaded with sugar while only providing around half the amount of potassium that fresh coconut water will give you.

So next time you’re in need of electrolytes — whether that’s from a big workout or a big night out, reach for coconut water instead!

Yum yum yum yum.

LG x

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