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Be Inspired, Not Compared

One of the worst things you can do for your self esteem, is compare yourself to others. To be inspired by someone is completely different to comparing yourself to someone.



Our minds can be our own worst enemy, particularly when we’re in idolisation mode. We see people we admire and glamourise their lives into something completely unrealistic.

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve crossed paths with a celebrity or idol for the first time, and been shocked at how short they were in real life, or how “normal” they looked? Or even how disappointing their personality may have been, stripping that pedestal from underneath their feet in your mind? We always imagine them “bigger” than us, in many definitions of the word. But they are human, they make mistakes, experience continuous life lessons, insecurities, and flaws just like the rest of us.

It is likely that you’re comparing yourself to a celebrity, and could be as close as your best friend or a work colleague. What/whoever it may be, this applies across the board.

We usually compare ourselves in a way that makes us feel belittled, thinking “I could never do that“, or “why should I bother starting this business when he does it so well“, or even, “I want to be her“.

If you are polluting your energy with these thoughts of lack, then you’re limiting your capability of being the most original person in this entire world, which is being yourself. Instead, you should be filled with gratitude that a fire has been ignited within you to recognise something that you desire.



This is where inspiration comes in.

Inspiration is a part of life, that’s why pinterest and instagram are taking over the social-media-land, and why the fashion industry is one of the biggest. When I see someone doing something I love, I am so grateful for finding them and for their inspiration. I no longer put myself down (like I used to) thinking I couldn’t do it as well, and I no longer get competitive (like I used to) thinking that I will have to do it better than them in order to be successful. 

I just want to go and do it like me.

You didn’t come into this world to find ways to make the most money or to be better than someone/everyone else at something. You’re here to do what makes you feel alive. To embrace what gets you excited, and to give back to the world while doing so.

There are over six billion people in this world. Whatever message or skill you may have, job you may want, or love you may be looking for, remind yourself – there is enough. You are enough. 

Next time you see someone or something that sparks admiration, appreciate the inspiration. If it’s something you want to do, then go and embrace your journey towards doing it just like YOU!

LG x


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  • Reply
    March 30, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Great post Lynn! Everyone is here on a different journey through life and all too often we beat ourselves up when we compare where we are on our own journey. This has been a great reminder for me that I am EXACTLY where I need to be at this moment.
    Thanks for the inspiring words and great to meet you!
    Kim xx

    • Reply
      Lynn Gilmartin
      March 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm

      Thanks so much for reading it Kim, and for your lovely message!! We sure are exactly where we need to be 🙂 It was great to meet you too xxxx

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