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A Day at Edgar’s Mission

A day at Edgar’s Mission is one of the most special ways you could spend your next day off.

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Last month, I had the honour of taking my family to Edgar’s Mission, a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, founded by Pam Ahern, and named after her first rescued pig, Edgar. It is now home to over 250 animals, set on 60 peaceful acres in the fooothills of the Great Dividing Range at Willowmavin, Victoria.

When you visit, you’ll spend your time with the amazing Kyle Behrend (pictured below in the red t-shirt, with my dad and boyfriend), who will take you on a personal tour along The Kindness Trail, as you meet countless beautiful animals, each with a name and a touching story. Along the trail, you’ll find thoughtful quotes from some of the finest human minds that will challenge you, inspire you and make you smile.

Last year, I become a “Best Buddy” to Boots, the cutest goat you’ll probably ever see (you NEED to check out this hilarious video), so my highlight was definitely meeting this little guy. He has grown so much since the video, but still shows off with his cheeky little character, as you can see with his tongue out for the camera! I just love getting immersed in the personalities of all the animals. They have such a beautiful energy.

Please visit their website for more information about how to plan a trip to this wonderful place, or for many creative ways to help, such as becoming a best buddy to one of the many beautiful animals: http://www.edgarsmission.org.au

LG x

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