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Eyes VS Computers

Computers are changing the way we see the world — but are they also changing the way we see?

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t spend hours on a computer every day, and doctors are now seeing more cases of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is caused by exactly that. So, I’ve gathered some information and strategies to help prevent eyestrain, or in more extreme cases, CVS.

Dr. S. Singh, an 
ophthalmologist at the Castleman Eye Center in Michigan says, “No study has proven that long-term computer work truly damages the eyes; 
it could however lead to strain, fatigue, headaches and symptoms of dryness.”

The most common prevention strategy is following The 20/20/20 Rule. Dr. Singh explains, “While on the computer, every 20 minutes, take a 20
 second break, and look at least 20 feet away, whether it be out the window or down the hall. This, along with the use of some over-the-counter lubricating eye drops three to four 
times a day, will help with the previously mentioned

VSP optometrist, Dr. Leanne Liddicoat, also recommends the 20/20/20 rule, along with the following strategies:

  • Ensure proper lighting: Poor lighting often causes eyestrain, whether it’s irritation from overexposure by lights that are too bright, or strain from lights that are too dim. Ease strain on the eyes by keeping overhead bright lights to a minimum and positioning
 your desk lamp to shine onto your desk, not at you. Position your
 computer screen in a way that reduces reflections and glare from windows 
or lights.
  • Working distance: The closer your eyes are to the object you are
 looking at, the harder your eyes have to work. A good rule is to apply 
the Harmon Distance (the distance between the elbow and first knuckle) 
as a guide.
  • Eye exams: All adults should have an annual
 eye exam to help detect underlying vision problems.

The Liver

The liver plays a large role in nourishing and moistening the eyes. When the liver is deficient in required nutrients, it can cause problems such as blurry vision, myopia, “floaters” (dark specks, spots, threads or clumps in front of your eyes), color blindness, or dry eyes.

The best way to boost your body’s nutritional levels is to consume more fruits and vegetables. Try to include more dark, green leafy vegetables like kale, green leaf lettuce and beet greens, as well as carrots and squash in your diet, for example.

Here are 10 ways to cleanse your liver, as suggested by David Wolfe:

  1. eat your food raw
  2. add garlic and onion to your meals
  3. consume less sodium and saturated fats
  4. drink lemon water daily
  5. eat artichokes (bile production)
  6. milk thistle (flavonoid complex)
  7. consume glutathione-producing compounds (avocados)
  8. drink green tea (loaded with catechins)
  9. eat plenty of green foods (chlorophyll)
  10. consume adequate lecithin (peanuts)

Anti-Glare Glasses

Gunnar Eyewear make stylish glasses specifically designed for gaming and regular computer use (including prescription lenses), or for those who wear prescription glasses, consider attaching something like Chemistrie lenses over the top. Both of these options offer yellow coloured polarized lenses to help reduce the glare from the computer screen and increase comfort during extended use.

Wearing my super-cute Gunnar tinted lenses

Insta IQ Enhancement 😉 Wearing my super-cute Gunnar Eyewear tinted lenses

Test Yourself

While this should never replace a full eye examination by a professional, why not test your eyes now on your iPhone or iPad for a bit of fun? I downloaded Vision Test by 3 Sided Cube Design Ltd, which measures your visual perception, long-distance vision, and color accuracy. According to the app, my lifestyle maybe be affecting my eyesight, hence my motivation to write this article!

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