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Be Well: Frozen Mint Leaves

I love to add fresh mint to some of my smoothies, such as the Watermelon Cooler at Jooce Bar, but having fresh mint leaves available isn’t always possible.

The solution? Make some minty ice cubes that you can throw into the blender at any time.

  • Step 1: wash the fresh mint and remove the leaves from the stalks
  • Step 2: chop up the leaves into small pieces
  • Step 3: stuff the chopped leaves into an empty ice cube tray – about ¾ full in each mold


IMG_6994 (1)


  • Step 4: pour filtered water over the mint, filling each cube mold
  • Step 5: place in freezer
  • Step 6: a few hours later… voila!


IMG_7326 (1)


  • Step 7: make a minty smoothie! This is the Watermelon Cooler {watermelon + mint + lime + ice} which is perfect for a hot day by the pool.



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