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{Video} Juice-Cleansing Testimonials

Stay Stacked is a series that I host on PokerNews, focused on wellbeing for poker players to perform at their peak, but can suit anyone from any walk of life who wants to bring out their best version of themselves.

In this episode I join one of my favourite, most inspiring couples, Ryan D’Angelo and Ronit Chamani, at the Fresh52 farmer’s market in Las Vegas for a freshly squeezed green juice while we discuss their pre-WSOP Main Event preparation with a five-day juice cleanse.

Just when you thought five days sounded like a lot – wait until you hear Doug Green’s story in this episode! Doug is the owner of the Green Juice Bar at the same market, and when he told me his story I was blown away. I hear about these testimonials all the time, but to meet someone in person for real that has achieved such an incredible feat is freaking awesome. And yes, that’s his legit last name – he was born to be a juicer!

At home, I’m more into blending as it’s much easier, but when I’m out and about I will buy a juice like these. For some easy green smoothie recipes to try at home, check out my small collection I’ve thrown together over recent months.

For more videos about your wellbeing, which can be applied to anyone – poker player or not – please check out the Stay Stacked series.

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