Prince Harry in His New Hey Pup! Bed

Hey Pup! is an Australian company dedicated to making products your dog will love you for.

Hey Pup! Philosophy: “All dogs should be able to sleep on a clean and comfortable bed every night.”

The created a range of memory foam dog beds that provide support, comfort, durability, and cleanliness for your best mate. The beds come with easily-removed covers, just like your own fitted bed sheet, with lots of different designs to suit your home.

My little prince, Harry, has had all sorts of health issues that I’ve written about in the past, here and here, but one thing I haven’t written about is the calcificated disc in his spine. He has had it since he was a puppy, so he struggles a lot with stairs and jumping. Something we never really thought about was the support he was getting from his bed. This kind of bed allows him to be nicely cushioned off the hard ground, while still being firm enough to support his little bones as he sleeps.

Look how chilled out Harry looks in his new bed!

Hey Pup! Dog Bed

If that wasn’t enough, they give a little back too. Five-percent of bed sales made on the website is donated to either the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Pets Haven Animal Shelter, or RSPCA Victoria – your choice.

The folks at Hey Pup! are passionate dog lovers, and believe that they are members of our family, not just our pets – cheers to that! I know the owner to personally verify that, which is why I felt moved enough to write this blog. In fact, you can watch us have a quick chat about his company here.

To hook up your little precious one with a good-quality bed, check out heypup.com.au.

LG x

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