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Tips & Pics: Italian Road Trip

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past week in Italy – a nation that’s addicted to caffeine and carbohydrates. And rightfully so – everything here tastes so good. We’ve been spending most of our time in Milan, but over the long weekend we went on a road trip through Florence, Pisa and a stunning little Tuscan town called Lucca. I’m in love with Lucca. It’s an old medieval city full of the tiniest, winding lane ways within a giant wall. It’s so easy to just walk around and happily get lost, taking in the gorgeous surroundings. Here are some of my suggested eats, visits and stays that I discovered along the way.


Breakfast in Milan – In Italy, it’s almost impossible to find anything more than a croissant and coffee in the morning. For someone like me that needs a nutritious feast for the most important meal of the day, we had to go on quite a hunt. And, we found gold. Pandenus is a cosy little bakery/cafe in Milan offering the freshest sandwiches made with their own breads, amazing fruits and yoghurts, perfect coffee (expected in Italy, of course) and the sweetest blood orange juice I’ve ever sipped.

Pandenus – a bakery in Milano


Italian Spritz – One of my new favorite drinks. It’s a refreshing, orange-coloured, wine-based aperitif that is typical in the northern parts of Italy. I just discovered that the base is usually Pinot Grigio, which explains my love for an afternoon Spritz after a long day of exploring.

Spritz – a wine-based aperitif that is typical in the northern parts of Italy.


Sights and Flavours of Firenze & Milano:ย I’ve formed an unhealthy addiction to instagram lately, and now I’ve just been introduced to Diptic, a brilliant tool to make small collages. Here’s a quick snapshot of the sights and flavours of fabulous Florence:

Sights of Florence

Flavours of Florence

Sights of Milan


Pisa: How many pictures do you think exist around the world of someone holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa? It’s so funny watching the hundreds of people all scramble to find their open piece of space to have a shot at lining up their perfect pic. My tip: be creative!

Lining up Shots for the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Like this one, this is soooo creative!


Lucca AccomodationPrinicpe Calaf Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to stay when in Lucca. It’s aย guest house with a great location in Lucca. We had a two-bedroom suite to share for two couples. There was a modern bathroom dividing the two private bedrooms. Our suite opened up to a lounge area which was communal, however there was only two other rooms on that level (and I don’t think they were occupied), so it felt like our own private area also, with a stunning bookshelf that I just had to photograph. The rooms and bathroom were exceptionally clean, plenty of towels provided and LOTS of space – a nice rarity in Europe!

Principe Calaf Bed & Breakfast in Lucca


Biking around Lucca: Hiring a bicycle is always a great, economic way to explore a city. When you’re in a group though, sometimes it can be a little difficult. We found the perfect solution in Lucca – a four-seat bike! It started off with plenty of laughs and little coordination, but we eventually got it under control and I highly recommend this mode of transport if you’re lucky enough to visit Lucca. We hired the bike from a rental store just outside the walls of the main entrance to the old town.

Riding a four-seat bike around Lucca is a great way to move in a group.

Or, you could just dance your way around…

Dancing in the Streets of Lucca, Italy


Amazing Dogs of Italy: I couldn’t help but notice so many beautiful dogs during my travels, particularly at all of the major tourist attractions. Italians seem to love taking their dogs on trips with them, and I love that. Your pet is a member of your family, so they should get to come on vacations with you! There was one dog in particular that really grabbed our attention, and I couldn’t help but ask for a picture – along with many other passers-by. I’m sure the owner gets this all the time, and he was more than happy for us to smile next to his best friend. Does anyone know what breed this dog is? He is seriously the biggest dog I have EVER seen!

I would love to know what breed of dog this is. He’s gorgeous!


Photo Brag: My boyfriend and I are no photographers, but we are the proud owners of a sexy new Leica camera, so we’ve been snapping around like crazy. Choosing just a handful of photos to use was hard! But I did, and here they are: my pride and joy.

A Lolly Shop in Lucca

One of many stunning, medieval doors in Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy

The Bus in Florence

Shopping in Milan

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    Tuscan Explorer
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    Warm greetings from Tuscany

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    April 16, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Che bella italia!!! Italy is my home away from home!!! just love it! great photos and i love how you arranged them!!great photos

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