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My Passion Project: Jooce Bar

I am STOKED to share with you that over the past six months I have been quietly working with my family on a project that I am so passionate about — a juice bar in Australia’s tropical paradise of Palm Cove!

Jooce Bar: cold-pressed juices, smoothies and raw vegan treats with a tropical FNQ twist.  


Jooce Bar Palm Cove Cairns

The “Miracle Tree” Superfood Smoothie Bowl at Jooce Bar


I just returned to LA after a month in Palm Cove where I was in the most creatively aligned zone I’ve ever felt in my life. I surprised myself every single day. Combining all I have learned over the years in nutrition, marketing, decorating, artwork, relationships, customer service, business management, everything and anything – it’s all rolled into one here at Jooce Bar.

And best of all, it’s a project involving my entire family, Angel included. I couldn’t be more proud. Particularly of my brother who is the most driven person I know. Jooce Bar is located inside Jack & Shanan’s, my brother’s restaurant and gelateria, fittingly named after my two beautiful nephews.


Jooce Bar Palm Cove

The Jooce Bar transformation


The above images are the before and after shots of Jooce Bar’s transformation within just a few weeks. The picture on there right is still a work in progress — the baskets under the palm tree will be loaded with fresh, locally grown coconuts, and the shelves will be loaded with fresh produce ready for juicing.

Here is a look around all of Jack & Shanan’s on one of our final days getting everything together for opening:


I’m ecstatic! More details to come 🙂

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