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Tips & Pics: Mercure Cyprus Casino Resort

I was in Northern Cyprus for an event being held at the Merit Crystal Cove, but was staying at the Mercure. If I wasn’t spending so much time at the Merit, then I probably would have loved Mercure, however it was hard to not compare the two. Mercure has all the same offerings, but is a budget version of the Merit – without showing the same level of difference in price.


There is constant food available all day and night, all inclusive, so you never have to take your wallet with you. However, the quality of the food is not amazing, so I often ate elsewhere.

During the day, they have music playing by the pool with snacks and drinks served all afternoon which gives the area a great vibe.

The gym is excellent – not very well air-conditioned though. They have all your basic machinery and weights, and there is a separate room for classes which provides lots of space for mat work.

I didn’t get a chance to use the spa, unfortunately.

View from room #836


Basic, but very spacious. Queen bed with a desk, wardrobe with a safe and a balcony. The air-conditioning was decent, and the view from my balcony was gorgeous! Although my colleagues were located on the other side, where apparently the view was not so attractive.


Awful!! In my room, I had an occasional weak signal by the desk and that was it. My colleagues had no WIFI at all.  If I stood on my balcony I got a decent connection from “ICE CLUB” for free, which was bizarre, as it was a good mile across the water! Many times we had to sit in the lobby to use the internet – which wasn’t too bad as the lobby was very comfortable with many couches (see photo).


Tucked into a nook of neighbouring resorts, the beachside location is great. A 10 minute taxi ride will take you into the town of Kyrenia – the harbour area is a must see! Taxis take no more than a couple of minutes to arrive when called – very reliable.

My Biggest Tip:
Request a room as close to the lobby as possible to increase your chance of having a WIFI signal! I had room #836 which had the gorgeous view, but if I was a couple of rooms closer towards the lobby I’d imagine it would be the ultimate position.

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