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A Note on Mindfulness from China’s Nanshan Buddhist Temple

While I don’t attach myself to any religion, I love many Buddhist philosophies, so I was pretty excited to visit China’s largest Buddhist site, Nanshan Temple, spreading across 10 acres of gorgeous greenery with the stunning statue of Guan Yin in the background (she is larger than the Statue of Liberty!)

To top off the day, I got to meet a group of monks (pictured above) by the ocean just before leaving. A pretty awesome experience.

One major philosophy of buddhism that has helped change my life is mindfulness. That is, living in the present moment, which will always be a work in progress, just like going to the gym. Our mind loves to live in the past, holding on to resentment and guilt for what cannot be changed, and it loves to live in the future, gripping on to fear of what might happen. So how much of our lives are we missing if we’re rarely paying attention as it’s happening? 

One of the many reasons people love to travel is because it’s an “escape from the mundane”. What if you treated your days in the same way you do when you travel, walking the streets with wonder and taking in the “newness” around you? While the tree you pass daily may not be new, it’s probably the first time you’ve actually noticed it. The more we are present, the more we realise how much we have to appreciate around us.

If you think it sounds like living in lala land, it’s quite the opposite. We connect more with others when we are present. We give ourselves mental clarity to come up with ideas and be more productive in our lives and in work. And who knows, you might even be more aware of opportunities that present themselves around you because you’re not on the 67th mental replay of yesterday’s conversation.

LG, Life’s Good xx


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