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My Spin on the #nomakeupselfie

In response to this #nomakeupselfie fad that’s happening over social media at the moment in an attempt to “raise awareness” for breast cancer research, I decided to put my own spin on it…

I would love to raise awareness of the importance of nurturing ourselves. Of the importance of whole foods and a positive mindset.

I’d love to raise awareness of the importance of living a life of passion and going for our dreams, no matter how extraordinary they may seem. Doing what makes us feel alive, not just accumulating a resume that impresses others.

I’d love to raise awareness of how important self-love is and that all the approval, security, love and forgiveness we seek from others is exactly what we need to give ourselves first. The importance of non-comparison and gratitude in a world that continues to remind us of what we don’t have and what to be afraid of.

I’d love to raise awareness of all the “spontaneous remissions” that are widely disregarded rather than looked in to for the miracle of “unexplainable” cures that often stem from mindfulness.

I’d love to raise awareness that cortisol, the hormone released around the body when we’re stressed or fearful is what creates a toxic playground for disease. That all the sugar and processed foods we intake are creating exorbitant amounts of inflammation – a common denominator of all chronic degenerative diseases.

I’d love to raise awareness about how much control pharmaceutical companies have over the education of our doctors, and how little most doctors are required to learn about nutrition, despite food having a direct influence on the way our body functions. I’m certainly not disregarding our incredible doctors for all the wonderful work they do for us, I’m just baffled that nutrition is seen as a separate factor by many. Advice such as “remove red meat and dairy from your diet while under treatment, but as soon as we’ve cut out the cancer there’s no problem going straight back to it” makes zero sense to me.

And I’d love to raise awareness of some of the incredible authors and doctors out there sharing endless amounts of inspiring information to help us take control of our body’s health and healing, such as Kris Carr, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, David Wolfe, Jess Ainscough and Lissa Rankin, films such as Food Matters, Forks Over Knives and Hungry for Change, and amazing non-profit organisations like Gerson Institute who are saving lives through food, yet they must drive to Mexico every week to consult with patients because the US government won’t allow for the alternative therapy.

We are more than aware of breast cancer and are entrenched in enough fear. While finding a cure would be fantastic, we’ve been powerlessly sitting back and waiting long enough. How about we shift gears and spread all the fascinating preventative information that’s out there to show that we don’t have to feel like vulnerable victims, and maybe, just maybe, if we lived our lives loaded with passion, happiness, gratitude, real food and unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others, then maybe we could help peacefully put the monster to bed. Maybe.

LG x

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    May 9, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    I Am a big fan of women without makeup, and you are an excellent example. Let us see your natural beauty, don’t hide behind all the war paint, which is pretty much exactly what makeup is, war paint. Women slather that stuff on every day under the guise of “looking my best”, but I would argue that looking your best happens most often when you are sans makeup. I think most women are competing with each other when they put on makeup, or are competing with some expectation they have been I dragging around with them from an all too young of an age. So many women look great without makeup, I wish they all had the self esteem to go without it. Natural is so much better. No makeup, no plastic surgery, keep it simple. I hope to see a trend towards more naturally attired women, less or no makeup and simpler clothing. It’s so easy to overdo it, and I think that men enjoy this too, but most are afraid to say what they feel for fear of upsetting the apple cart. Go Natural, Ladies!

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    March 22, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    This is so well written and really gets to the crux of it – Thank you so much for putting the thoughts of so many of us into words Lyn.

    You are amazing,

    Donna x

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