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Cure Your Cold with Olive Leaf Extract

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred a more of a natural way of healing. Perhaps it has something to do with my amazing mother being a homeopathy-advocate while I was in the womb. I’ve certainly popped plenty of aspirin in my day, and if I feel like it’s right, I will take antibiotics when in absolute need; but when it comes to issues like the common cold, I’ve always been more inclined to helping my immune system strengthen and battle out the bad guys, rather than suppressing symptoms with the chemical cocktail that comes with over-the-counter quick-fixes.

Olive Leaf Extract is incredible at times like this. The leaves from an olive tree are made up of a powerful blend of antioxidants, known for anti-viral, anti-bacterial and cardiovascular benefits. Some olive trees are believed to have survived for thousands of years, continually producing olives, which shows the power these bad boys have to preserve and protect. Olive Leaf Extract is most commonly used to fight colds, flu, and viruses, and can also increase energy and is even believed to help slow ageing.

There are also some cases where Olive Leaf Extract has shown to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. A clinical trial conducted by The Liggins Institute at The University of Auckland has even found that olive leaf extract improves the way insulin is secreted in overweight men.

Is there much this stuff cannot do??

Medical researcher, Morton Walker, concluded in one of his 69 books and 1,800 clinical journals, that he is, “convinced that olive leaf extract is destined to become the most useful, wide spectrum herbal ingredient of the 21st century.” His book, Olive Leaf Extract, is filled with case histories, testimonials and studies of health problems that were helped through the regular use of this liquid gold.

The best way to take Olive Leaf Extract is in liquid form, which your body digests best, and that way the leaves haven’t been dried out and are still fresh. When taken straight up, the extract has an intense flavour, which I cannot handle on an empty stomach otherwise it makes me feel a little nauseous, and I have always had to back it up with a chaser or water or juice! That is, until now that I have discovered the DELICIOUS Signature Herbals’ pomegranate and papaya product! Holy moly, this stuff tastes sooooo good because its loaded with nutritious pomegranate and papaya – which also adds in extra benefits.

Signature Herbals Olive Leave Extract with Pomegranate and Papaya

On the rare occasion that I feel any symptoms of a virus coming on, I will load up on this stuff with a capful once every hour. I will usually then wake up the next day feeling fine. If I do get sick, after a day of continuing to dose myself, I’m back to normal. With all the traveling that I do, I need one heck of a tough immune system, and honestly, I rarely get sick.

Now that I found something that I love the taste of, I have started taking it away with me regardless, and I take it each morning and night for a handy little immune boost.

Mengyuan Olive Leaf

Mengyuan Olive Leaf Tea

For a regular intake of this wonder-juice, you can also drink olive leaf as a tea. I haven’t tried this myself, but I’ve read that it’s an ancient brew known to have the same powerful benefits, and blends well with some fresh lemon, stevia, and/or nut milk.

So next time you’re feeling run down or you have the sniffles, head to your local health food store and pick up a bottle and try it out for yourself. Or you can always order online — I used to have links to a few products here, but honestly nothing beats the taste of this Siganture Herbals one!

And, if that’s not enough for you, then watch this quick video with Dr. Richard Becker talking all about the powerful strength of Olive Leaf Extract:

LG x

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