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Oscar’s Law

Oscar’s Law is a simple campaign: stop the cruel factory farming of mans best friend.

We walk past adorable puppies on display in pet shop windows regularly. Each time you pass by, there is usually a whole new batch of furry little creatures. Have you ever thought about where they actually come from, so frequently?

Adopting a dog is adding a new member to your family, and is a choice that needs to be well thought through and prepared for, not encouraged as a spontaneous decision. Adding a new addition to a family usually takes nine months as we wait for a baby to be born, so adopting a dog should be treated no differently.

There are three major types of adoptions: some will wait months, sometimes even years, for the arrival of their puppy from a genuine breeder. Others will visit an overcrowded animal shelter to adopt an orphan dog on death row, and most will make an often spontaneous decision from the “glamorous” window display that we’re all so used to.

So, why are animal shelters overcrowded? Because the apparent demand that these puppy factories are supplying, is false. There is an oversupply of puppies in this money-hungry world that are being glamourously marketed to unprepared/uncommitted families through pet shops. An animal should never be given as a gift for someone that you’re not certain is prepared to dedicate 15 years to taking care of that living creature. Nor should you ever buy one for your child that is begging for one in the store window when you, as the parent, are not prepared to take over the care of the dog once your 12-year-old gets over it in a few months – lets be realistic.

With pet shops turning around the sale of animals to far too many unprepared buyers, they need to be able to keep up with the demand, and to supply that demand requires the inhumane “manufacturing” of puppies in farms where animals are literally treated like machines, kept in cages, never seeing the light of day, eating and sleeping in the same spot that they go to the toilet, and churning through pregnancy after pregnancy until their bodies can no longer handle it, which then sees the end of their short, miserable life. Disgusting.

How can you help? Easy…

Having a dog in your life is a wonderful gift, but please visit dog shelters where there are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs just waiting for someone to love them.

Don’t add to the evil chain of puppy manufacturing. 

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Images from the recent Oscar’s Law rally in Melbourne, Australia.

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