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I’m so excited to start this new project with two of my dearest friends, and co-hosts from PokerNews.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Join the conversation between three best friends… Lynn, the carefree Aussie holistic health-coach-in-training, Kristy, the competitive, fitness-loving poker player, and Sarah, the chardonnay-guzzling (AKA Aunty Chardonnay), outspoken wanderer. They’ll be the best girlfriends you’ll ever have.

What will they be talking about?  As the name suggest, they’ll be delving into a broad range of topics, like health, relationships, sex, travel – anything.

Please head over to PrettyBroad.com to listen to our podcasts, read our blogs, and feel free to join the conversation by emailing me at lynn@prettybroad.com.

LG xx

Pretty Broad

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