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Rancho Uha – A Permaculture Project

After much eager anticipation, Angel and I made our first visit to Rancho Uha, a permaculature project we have partnered in with our friends at Permacultura Mexico, in Mexico’s San Luis de la Paz. 🌵

Permaculture is all about self-sustainable farming and housing, using only the land to grow and build. Stripping back to the absolute basics for legit organic farming. Our partners have some amazing projects in the works, and Angel and I have a lot to learn about living in harmony with our planet — which excites me to my core. 🌎 🙏 ✌️

Our cells regenerate from the food we eat, meaning we literally are what we eat. Our body is made up of the same elements found in the earth, water and stars. We are a magical part of this earth and entire universe, yet most of us live so extraordinarily disconnected from it. I love eating zucchini, for example, but didn’t even know what a zucchini plant looked like before this day. Having a newfound appreciation and fascination for food and its connection to our health over the past few years has changed my life. We can’t eat money, so if that disappeared, I’d be screwed. I have no idea how to live off of the earth, or how to bring a more harmonious way of living with the earth into the city life. That is why I’m so grateful for my friends who are doing extraordinary things for our planet and empowering countless people with this invaluable education — the kind of education we should be receiving at school.

I’ll be sharing loads over the coming years about the project’s progress, while we learn how to grow food and build houses using all the gifts the earth has for us. 🌵🇲🇽

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