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{Video} High Rollers Giving Back

When you think of high-stakes poker players, it’s likely that you’re not picturing 20-something-year-old geniuses practicing meditation, dabbling in vegan diets and looking at ways to apply their winnings to the greater good of the planet.

While this particular image may be a represented by just a small portion of high-stakes poker players, a healthier lifestyle and more philanthropic perspective is certainly a trend that is sweeping across tournament floors.

In the below video from WPT Alpha8 Season 2, I chat with Philipp Gruissem, Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree about their philanthropic approach to playing poker.

Liv touches upon Effective Altruism, which is all about making an impact through rational decision-making — the philosophy behind their charity, Raising for Effective Giving.

Did you know that some charities are hundreds of times more effective than others when reducing suffering in the world? We aim to maximize expected value when reducing the suffering in the world.” – REG Charity

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