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{Video} Cascada de Roberto Barrios, Chiapas, Mexico

Angel and I just returned from an amazing trip to Palenque, a small town in the Chiapas, Mexico. We were there during the equinox, which is when all the ancient Mayan pyramids load up with visitors to watch the rare alignment of the sun create a light show within the structures. Palenque is known for its Mayan pyramids. As magnificent as it would have been to see, battling with the crowds wasn’t something we wanted to deal with, so we decided to avoid the popular tourist spots on this day, which also included Aqua Azul, a famous waterfall, approx 2hrs drive from Palenque. Instead, a local recommended we visit the lesser-known Cascada de Roberto Barrios.

Oh are we glad we did.

When we arrived, a bunch of kids ran up to our car offering to take us to the falls. We were told this is a thing. So we met Carlos, an 11-year-old boy, who walked us through his village and to all the best spots of the falls. I renamed him Tarzan when he started climbing and jumping all over the place. It was clear that every kid in town spent every day after school swimming in the falls, and they absolutely loved it.

It was 4pm when we got there, so almost all other visitors had gone. We had the falls all to ourselves. It was magic.

Carlos also turned out to be a talented photographer which came in handy for Angel and I to get some of beautiful shots together.

Check out the video to see the magic of this tiny little town in Palenque… A hidden treasure of Chiapas.

LG x



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