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Things My Mother Taught Me

I’m loving all the gorgeous social media tributes today for our mummas on Mother’s Day, so I felt this was a perfect time to post a snippet of a story I had the opportunity to share about the most important woman in my life, my mum, in Claire Halliday‘s new book, Things My Mother Taught Me — an entire book of tributes to mums!

My mum still reminds me today that we need to experience contrast to fully appreciate and recognise what it is that we want. If we don’t understand what we don’t want, then how do know what we do want? While mum instilled such strong values in me, I still had to go through a period of tough times. Experiencing rejection and lack of self-confidence as a child has allowed my mother’s teachings to set in deeply as I’ve grown into adulthood. I do need to love myself. I do need to approve of myself. Because depending on other people for their love and approval will never fill that empty void within if I don’t.” 

Thank you mum for everything you’ve taught me, and continue to teach me. I have her to thank for all my #lifesgood-ness 🙂

LG xxxx




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