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{Video} Quick and Easy Yoga with Tula Living

In this episode of PokerNews’ Stay Stacked, I’m joined by the beautiful Roshini Mccartin of Tula Living, who demonstrates a simple yoga routine that can be easily memorised, and used at any time of the day for a little balance. While this video was created specifically for poker players, this simple routine can be practised by anyone.

For poker players, yoga will help give you clarity and emotional control through centering yourself; allowing you to perform better, give off less tells, and handling swings easier.

For everyone in general, yoga helps minimise all that mental clutter going on with constant multitasking and over-thinking. Meditation is great for this, but sometimes sitting still makes it difficult to keep our mind under control. So putting yourself into various unfamiliar positions almost forces yourself to slow down and focus on nothing other than your body and your breath – being fully present.

Physically, yoga will assist with stretching out all those cramped up muscles from sitting for so many hours on end — whether that be at a poker table, or in the office. There is a huge variety of physiological benefits to regular yoga practice, such as lower blood pressure, sleep improvement, enhanced energy levels, and much more. One of my yoga teachers once described the twists like an act of squeezing out a sponge – moving dormant energy in our body that may be stuck in nooks we don’t usually “squeeze”. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, our body flows more freely.

One important point to note is that your yoga practice is just about you. If you start comparing yourself to others, or getting competitive, you’re missing the point. It is all about your mindfulness, and your focus while moving through the poses — not how flexible you are or how good you look doing them. In fact, if you do push yourself too far, you could really injure yourself. So if you’ve been worried about not being able to do it, you can now push that thought aside!

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