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{Video} Two Days in NYC

I took a whirlwind two-day trip to NYC last week and I’m still craving to go back with all the memories on constant replay in my mind! What a city.

I was there for the Take ’em to School poker tournament, presented by WPT Foundation in benefit of Education Reform Now. ERN is making waves in the US education system to help ensure every child across the country has access to solid education, and that is absolutely a cause I believe in. All positive change starts with quality education. I was honored to be there with my WPT family to help raise money for this much-needed influence. (And we had a BLAST in the process — thank you WPT!!!)

Aaaaand to top it off, I even got to share the adventure with Ali Hoffmann – wow did we squeeze a LOT into two days!! There is a never a dull moment when Ali is around 😂

Thanks to my addiction to documenting my travels, here is a mash up of my Instagram Stories from the trip.

LG x

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