Wildlife Warrior

I’m honoured to be an Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Global Ambassador.

Steve and Terri Irwin started Wildlife Warriors in 2002 with the aim of enabling and encouraging others to support the preservation of wildlife and habitat, to prevent the loss of species and to save individual animals.

Wildlife Warriors Mission

To be the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world through the delivery of outstanding outcome-based programs and projects, inclusive of humanity.

Wildlife Warriors Vision

People, wildlife and habitat can survive and prosper without being detrimental to the existence of each other.

Wildlife Warrior News

A Look Inside the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Koala Physiotherapy Unit

Peta is one of the 70+ koalas who come through the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital each month. She was admitted for specialist treatment when she sustained multiple fractures after being hit by a car. Now Peta is undertaking koala physiotherapy to help heal her tiny body.